Flashback Friday: Basketball

IMG_3972Tonight was our PTO fundraiser. Every year the middle school hosts a basketball game between our staff and the Webb City police and fire departments. It’s always a guarantee for laughs. The picture is from last year’s game. We struggled. The first couple of years that I’ve played we’ve had to rely on some questionable ref calls and rigging the score board to run up our score at the end. This year even though we did get some silly calls thrown our way and at one point played with 8 players we were able to actually hold our own. (It also helps that the PD and FD weren’t as serious as hey have been in years past. I always like playing in the game and have made some great memories with my friends while doing so. Tonight was another night of beautiful memories saved forever in my mind. “Keep calm and crown Kevin king!” It was a great night. ❤


Missing My Hobby

Ever since having a kid and maybe a few weeks prior to, I haven’t been able to sit down and read. I love reading. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember. I have missed my books.

I am so far behind on my children/teen books that I buy for my classroom library. I have shelves full of them. And I’m behind on my own personal stack of books that I have gotten to read. The only book I’ve read and finished in the last six months was The Immortal Nicholas– and it was only completed because I read it to Jase while nursing over Christmas Break. It’s been depressing to say the least.

But over spring break I went up to Nevada to hang out with my dad. We took a quick trip to Walmart and while perusing I stumbled upon a new Stephanie Meyer novel. (She wrote the Twilight Saga and the novel The Host.) This book is called The Chemist. And while it was kind of a slow start, it has picked up and has been pretty good. I got started on it while with Dad and when we took our trip to KC, I was actually able to read in the car. I have missed reading. If I could get caught up on my grading (I’m just a procrastinator…) I could probably read while I’ve got some breaks in my day. Maybe since I’ve gotten to the good parts of The Chemist it can be my motivation to work and get my school stuff done faster. (Ha! One can dream…)

Any good books (teen or adult) that you’ve read that I should put in my stack?


Jason and I love watching The Carbonaro Effect and Impractical Jokers. The latter I love because they set each other up in ridiculous situations and pranks. We love it. (My favorite joker is Joe!)

We also enjoy the Carbonaro Effect, but for me I do lose a little bit of faith in humanity every episode we watch. He’s a magician that has a hidden camera tv show, but he gets so many people to believe the most ridiculous things. Example: if you squeeze broccoli in a hand juicer it squeezes the green juices out and you’re left with cauliflower… or you can buy powdered hydrogen and oxygen and if you heat them up it’ll make water… They believe it! I sit at home and question if they really could be that gullible. Seriously? He had a lady (a middle aged woman!) believing that juicing a lime give you a kiwi… Seriously? His show makes me concerned for society, but still makes us laugh.

April 22nd

I’m so excited for April 22nd. My husband got us tickets to see Florida Georgia Line for part of my Christmas present. I’ve wanted to see them in concert for a couple years but they haven’t ever been anywhere close to us. Until now! They’re going to be at the JQH arena in Springfield. I’m pumped!

I’ve started my concert prep by listening to their music while driving and familiarizing myself with their most recent album (which is pretty good..) Ah! I’m so excited! I cannot wait for April 22nd to be here!! And then time can slow back down because just a few days later my baby will be 6 months old… How is this possible?!


Yesterday we got the news as a staff that our head custodian Kevin passed away. I was stunned. There were no words. This morning after sharing the news with the kids in our pod we gave them a chance to share out their thoughts and feelings. We had the standard “He was nice,” and “I’ll miss him.” What I wasn’t prepared for was for a student who is always goofing around and clowning around for his friends to raise his hand. And as I braced myself for his comment I found myself trying not to let my jaw hit the floor. He shared out with us that Kevin was more than a janitor and that he was a friend to every one. He commented on how we didn’t deserve a guy like Kevin and we were so blessed that he was a part of our lives. He then shared that Kevin is in a better place now and that we can remember all of the wonderful things that he did for everyone in our school and that he would leave a lasting memory and a piece of Kevin will continue to be with us in our hearts.

I was floored. His thoughts were so well spoken and shared. It was beautiful and I had to remind myself to be more like Kevin. It didn’t matter who the kid was or what they looked like. He loved every single one of them. I love my students but how quick have I been to brush off someone because I’m tired or in a rush? Kevin took the time to have a relationship with anyone, student or coworker, that wanted one. He was an amazing man and his impact is already showing in the ripples our students are sharing. It was a touching tribute from a small voice that could have been easily overlooked but that we all needed to hear this morning.

Sweet Baby Jase

IMG_3969Hard to believe my sweet baby is five months old today! Where has the time gone?

Jase loves to cuddle. He has two teeth and chews and drools on everything. He has finally figured out rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy, but sometimes that silly arm gets in the way and he gets frustrated. He loves to lock his knees and stand while you’re holding him. He loves feeling tall. My sweet boy is a jabber-jaw just like his mommy and has quite the extensive conversations. He loves to bounce in his bouncer and play with his toys. He has found his feet and has worked on gripping things and can now hold his foot long enough to get his toes in his mouth. He still loves bath time and looooves splashing water everywhere! He is a great travel companion and his smiles melt my heart. He has figured out that if he cries long enough he can get mom or dad to stand up and come to him. (It’s his new favorite game and then he squeaks in excitement.) I sure do love my little bean. Happy 5 month birthday little man!

Family Day 3/25/17

Such a fun day! Jason and I drove up to Nevada and met up with my parents and then we drove up to Kansas City to Union Station. They had an exhibit on Pompeii and had several artifacts they had found under the layers of ash and volcanic matter as well as several casts of people found in Pompeii centuries after the disaster.

After the museum we went to Oklahoma Joes, now known as Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. Jason had never even heard of it! (How?!) And after waiting in line (can’t eat there without paying the toll…) for around an hour we got our delicious meal! Jason still couldn’t believe the number of people eating BBQ from a gas station restaurant. Through the whole day Jase did such a good job! And after our adventure he crashed on the way home. Precious!

Once we got home we watched some March Madness and Jase and Uncle Aaron had some guy time. Then we made our way home. I love spending the day with my family. 🙂