Find the Awesome

“Happy Day Everybody!”

Those three words left me speechless this morning. Those three words were the start of one of my student’s slices. He starts every journal entry with those three words, so why today did they resonate with me? This particular student was gone Friday because he was sick, and even then he started his ‘post’ with those three words.

It was so easy to complain this morning about the time change. It was easy to blame my slow start, my dropping part of my bagel, and the poor traffic on losing an hour of sleep. How quick was I to dismiss this day because I was tired and cranky?  I was more than ready to write a blog post about why I disliked today.

Yes, complaining was easy, but I was smacked in the face with a truth bomb as I read those three words. I felt a pang of guilt that I was able to write off this day so casually. I wouldn’t have blamed him if on his sick day he didn’t feel up to starting off with his usual greeting, but he did and I was struck with a flashback to something I’d heard several months prior. It was a One Minute of Encouragement on KLOVE by Jud Wilhite. It was all about Finding the Awesome. It focused on how we can all easily find something to complain about throughout our whole day, but that instead of complaining we needed to “find the awesome.” You don’t have milk for cereal, but you have bread and can make toast–awesome. Your car’s heat doesn’t work, but you have way to get to work–awesome. You are tired and stressed, but you have a job–awesome. It definitely put into perspective how we can choose our attitude every day and the type of day we have and life we live is our decision.

My sweet slicer chooses to find the awesome every day. Even on those days when it would be easier to just gripe and complain, he chooses an attitude that sets his day on the right path. What a lesson to learn from a 10 year old.

So get out there and find your awesome. Happy day everybody!


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