I Need Spring Break

Yesterday when I left work I was not in the best of moods. When I returned to work in January I discovered that at least 20 of my beloved books from my classroom library had been stolen. In the 4 years I’ve been teaching I have never had this kind of issue. Three books were returned after some announcements were made about my missing books, but the rest remained lost. Back to yesterday– My partner teacher and I were getting really tired of our student desks looks like they were throwing up paper, so we went around and cleaned them out after school. As we were working she pulled a book out of a desk and what did we find?! One of my missing literary works. With a post-it asking for it to be returned to a student if it was found elsewhere…. A student?! That book was mine!! I also found one of my personal (from my desk) rulers broken and bent in a student desk. Yesterday was not a good day…

This morning, ready to make it a new day remembering that we only have 3 more days to Spring Break I began my morning ritual. Get up, pour cup of coffee, get dressed and ready, wake Jase, feed Jase, clothe Jase, load up the car, put Jase in the car, leave. Unfortunately my ‘new day’ didn’t even get off the ground before it when south… In the process of walking into our bedroom one of our cats rushed the door trying to get out into the house. In my effort to stop the cat, I dropped my coffee cup. I then watched in slow motion as the cup fell and prayed that it hit the carpet side of the door jamb and not the tile of the kitchen where it would shatter… Miraculously it fell directly down onto the carpet, and then all of the coffee launched out of the cup— and into my face. Yes that’s correct, INTO MY FACE.

My face was on fire.. My eyes were on fire… I stood in the doorway freaking out because I couldn’t see, couldn’t blink, couldn’t move. Once I regained what little composure I could muster I managed to make it to our bathroom and flush my eyes with cold water. After getting my vision back I trudged out to the kitchen to collect some towels and started cleaning up the coffee spill, while my eyes were still burning and watering. Thankfully, Jase did well this morning and we were able to get through the rest of our morning without any other major hiccups.

I need Spring Break. I need it. Please say a prayer for me that the rest of this week doesn’t try to blind, maim, or kill me.


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