Spring Cleaning- Pt 1

I love our windows. We have several so we are able to see 3/4 of our yard from our living room. It’s beautiful. Until you have to clean said windows. Since we moved in I have not cleaned the outside glass of our windows. So. Much. Dirt. And the trays of the windows themselves were horrendous.

I blame the fact that they were able to get so dirty on the fact that some of our windows are hard to reach, but I know deep down I’m a lazy cleaner. I hate housework. There are times though when I get tired of the dirt and dust and will do a full out clean, knowing that if I would do a little bit every so often I wouldn’t have so much to do on a big clean.. but I digress.

So today began my crazy, big cleaning session. (It was much easier in my apartments….) I started with the windows and I’m happy to say that I got all of our windows clean inside and out! I also started dusting and picking up in our living room. (Why do I have so many shelves and books?) Tomorrow will find me once again cleaning. I’ve purposefully left furniture pulled out and things not put back so that I have to keep going. (I know myself too well..) 🙂


One thought on “Spring Cleaning- Pt 1

  1. SWest says:

    I cleaned windows inside and out (plus window casings) on Saturday. I only do the full window cleaning once a year, so I enjoy the clear glass while it lasts!!


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