Family Day 3/25/17

Such a fun day! Jason and I drove up to Nevada and met up with my parents and then we drove up to Kansas City to Union Station. They had an exhibit on Pompeii and had several artifacts they had found under the layers of ash and volcanic matter as well as several casts of people found in Pompeii centuries after the disaster.

After the museum we went to Oklahoma Joes, now known as Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. Jason had never even heard of it! (How?!) And after waiting in line (can’t eat there without paying the toll…) for around an hour we got our delicious meal! Jason still couldn’t believe the number of people eating BBQ from a gas station restaurant. Through the whole day Jase did such a good job! And after our adventure he crashed on the way home. Precious!

Once we got home we watched some March Madness and Jase and Uncle Aaron had some guy time. Then we made our way home. I love spending the day with my family. 🙂


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