Sweet Baby Jase

IMG_3969Hard to believe my sweet baby is five months old today! Where has the time gone?

Jase loves to cuddle. He has two teeth and chews and drools on everything. He has finally figured out rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy, but sometimes that silly arm gets in the way and he gets frustrated. He loves to lock his knees and stand while you’re holding him. He loves feeling tall. My sweet boy is a jabber-jaw just like his mommy and has quite the extensive conversations. He loves to bounce in his bouncer and play with his toys. He has found his feet and has worked on gripping things and can now hold his foot long enough to get his toes in his mouth. He still loves bath time and looooves splashing water everywhere! He is a great travel companion and his smiles melt my heart. He has figured out that if he cries long enough he can get mom or dad to stand up and come to him. (It’s his new favorite game and then he squeaks in excitement.) I sure do love my little bean. Happy 5 month birthday little man!


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