Jason and I love watching The Carbonaro Effect and Impractical Jokers. The latter I love because they set each other up in ridiculous situations and pranks. We love it. (My favorite joker is Joe!)

We also enjoy the Carbonaro Effect, but for me I do lose a little bit of faith in humanity every episode we watch. He’s a magician that has a hidden camera tv show, but he gets so many people to believe the most ridiculous things. Example: if you squeeze broccoli in a hand juicer it squeezes the green juices out and you’re left with cauliflower… or you can buy powdered hydrogen and oxygen and if you heat them up it’ll make water… They believe it! I sit at home and question if they really could be that gullible. Seriously? He had a lady (a middle aged woman!) believing that juicing a lime give you a kiwi… Seriously? His show makes me concerned for society, but still makes us laugh.


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