Missing My Hobby

Ever since having a kid and maybe a few weeks prior to, I haven’t been able to sit down and read. I love reading. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember. I have missed my books.

I am so far behind on my children/teen books that I buy for my classroom library. I have shelves full of them. And I’m behind on my own personal stack of books that I have gotten to read. The only book I’ve read and finished in the last six months was The Immortal Nicholas– and it was only completed because I read it to Jase while nursing over Christmas Break. It’s been depressing to say the least.

But over spring break I went up to Nevada to hang out with my dad. We took a quick trip to Walmart and while perusing I stumbled upon a new Stephanie Meyer novel. (She wrote the Twilight Saga and the novel The Host.) This book is called The Chemist. And while it was kind of a slow start, it has picked up and has been pretty good. I got started on it while with Dad and when we took our trip to KC, I was actually able to read in the car. I have missed reading. If I could get caught up on my grading (I’m just a procrastinator…) I could probably read while I’ve got some breaks in my day. Maybe since I’ve gotten to the good parts of The Chemist it can be my motivation to work and get my school stuff done faster. (Ha! One can dream…)

Any good books (teen or adult) that you’ve read that I should put in my stack?


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