Flashback Friday: My Girl

I graduated in December of 2012. Not many job opportunities for teaching in the middle of the school year. I interviewed for one in Oklahoma, but it wasn’t going to pay well until I got my Oklahoma certification (which would take who knows how long) and I was broke.

I was offered a job as a one-on-one paraprofessional in Nevada and after meeting my girl I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

It was hard. Every day was hard. Without too many specifics my girl had health issues, and weight issues, and lack of bodily function control. It was hard. But we made it. Every day she came to school we got things accomplished. I did her hair every morning so she would feel good about herself. I made sight word flash cards and we walked and practiced reading. We did math lessons and sorted everything under the sun. She loved typing (and loved tricking me into doing part of her typing class). I got her to start wanting to play in PE with the class, and eventually we got to where she didn’t want me to play next to her. We worked on speaking clearly and enunciation. It was hard, but I loved that semester with my girl. Those few months were eye openers. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I learned so much about the kind of person and teacher I wanted to be and the kind of example I wanted to set for my future students. I loved and still love my girl.

I saw her last year at our alumni basketball game that is held as a fundraiser for Nevada’s Special Olympics team. And she immediately called out to Mi Woads (Miss Rhoads) then gave me a hug and kiss. I think about her a lot and always remember back to those hard days and how even if I was having a bad day or week, my girl was always looking forward to seeing me at school every day. We make a difference even for those kids who aren’t like every one else and need someone fighting for them. My girl is my own champion and I am so proud of her. ❤


Thursday Already?!

It’s hard to believe that today was Thursday. Where has this week gone? The passage of time is a crazy thing. A work week can drag on for days while time off flies by.

I also feel the same about the amount of time that has passed since having Jase. Yesterday he was 21 weeks old.. 21 weeks!!?! How? When? It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant and having a baby. On the other hand it feels like Jase has been part of us forever.

I’ve enjoyed having this time off to spend with my precious little man and hate to see it coming to an end so rapidly. Hopefully, while these next few days should be fun, I also hope they go by slowly.

Best Part of the Day

Jase and I have a pretty set routine in the evenings. It has some options for variation, but for the most part he eats when we get home from school, hangs out with me and plays while I get dinner ready, we play some more, and then jump into our bedtime routine around 8pm. Our bedtime routine is a simple one: diaper change, lotion and pjs. Then we cuddle while he eats again before bed. I love those cuddles. Jase is always moving. Always. But in that cuddle time he finally slows down and burrows into my arms. It’s my favorite time. As he drifts off to sleep the best part of my day is watching his little facial expressions. He goes from milk drunk, to serious, to happy, and back again. And if I’m lucky sometimes he’ll crack his eyes open and look at my face and smile one of his amazing smiles while still half asleep. It melts my heart and I give him an extra squeeze and kiss. I know there will come a day when he’s no longer going to want to cuddle up and drift to sleep in my arms, and those sleepy smiles will cease. So for now I’ll hold my little boy a little tighter and love on him a little longer.


If there is one thing I miss since moving out of my parent’s house, it’s my parents. I’m very close with my mom and dad and get along well with both of them. The drive between our houses isn’t that far- between an hour and a half and two hours, but it’s just long enough that you can’t make a quick trip up. I love spending time with my family. (And getting Dad’s cooking isn’t too bad either!)

Dad and I got lucky enough to have Spring Break together this year, so I came up with Jase to spend some time with my daddy and see my momma and all of my school moms. Today was a fun day of showing Jase off at Mom’s school and hanging out around the house with my dad. He took us on a trip to Walmart and then made his vegetable stew. SO! GOOD!  And then he made us a desert of berries and cool whip. I also love coming home because I get spoiled. I’m the baby and I know what all that entails. (And I know who to go to when I want something… ) Jase loves his Oma and Grandpa and it’s so fun to just sit and watch them play. Jase also rolled from his back to his tummy for the first time today and did it several more times through the evening! It’s been a great day!

So now I’m going to continue enjoying this time with some of my favorite people in the world. 🙂

Spring Cleaning — Pt 2

Well folks- it’s just about finished.

And after a full day of working my body is tired. Now I just wish I had company coming or a house event where I could show off my hard work. With the exception of the kitchen everything is clean! I dusted rooms top to bottom. I swept and mopped floors. I moved furniture people! I washed our living room blankets and our bedding. I scrubbed bathrooms and killed spiders! (Those nasty little ones that you can’t see until they start moving..) For some reason we had 8 billion (okay maybe less…) of them in our house. And I slayed every last one. Carpets were vacuumed and rugs were shaken out. I vacuumed our living room furniture! It looks like a new couch. (Probably more excited to do this now because Jason bought me a Dyson vacuum. It’s amazing!)

Now I just need to teach my husband to take his dang shoes off when he comes in! Especially after all of the work I just put into cleaning all these floors!

Spring Cleaning- Pt 1

I love our windows. We have several so we are able to see 3/4 of our yard from our living room. It’s beautiful. Until you have to clean said windows. Since we moved in I have not cleaned the outside glass of our windows. So. Much. Dirt. And the trays of the windows themselves were horrendous.

I blame the fact that they were able to get so dirty on the fact that some of our windows are hard to reach, but I know deep down I’m a lazy cleaner. I hate housework. There are times though when I get tired of the dirt and dust and will do a full out clean, knowing that if I would do a little bit every so often I wouldn’t have so much to do on a big clean.. but I digress.

So today began my crazy, big cleaning session. (It was much easier in my apartments….) I started with the windows and I’m happy to say that I got all of our windows clean inside and out! I also started dusting and picking up in our living room. (Why do I have so many shelves and books?) Tomorrow will find me once again cleaning. I’ve purposefully left furniture pulled out and things not put back so that I have to keep going. (I know myself too well..) 🙂

Bargain Shopper

Last night Kendal invited Lyndy and me to go shopping with her. Little did we know of the greatness that is Rhea Lana…

We were told to bring a laundry basket or whatever big bag we could muster. With good reason. Once inside there was anything you could imagine for baby. From cribs and dressers, to toys, to clothes. EVERYTHING. And with it being a consignment sale the prices were ridiculously good. All of the stuff looks clean and well taken care of.

I went for the primary goal of finding an exersaucer for Jase. After finding one within minutes of getting in, the real fun began. We moved into toys and I found several things that he’ll soon love and others that can be put up and given as gifts to him later this year. From toys to shoes and then clothes. So many clothes! It was amazing. I spent under 200 bucks and got some great deals. Lyndy and I have been bitten by the sales bug and plan on joining Kendal again for the next one. So here’s my recommendation; if you’re wanting to try Rhea Lana, let us know. You can always join our crew! Just make sure you bring a laundry basket and big bags!