Egg Hunt Adventures

Today was egg hunt day!! Jase was much more excited this year than last for obvious reasons. He understands more of what happening around him and now he is mobile! He had a blast! 040C2EF9-2353-40DC-B576-160621E7A823Look at that face!! He was so proud of himself. We’ve been practicing “picking up” and “putting away”. When that happens at home and he does a good job we cheer for him. So naturally as he was putting more eggs in his basket he was getting so excited and proud of himself!  He had so much fun! I was really hoping that he would get into it this year because he likes picking up (and dumping out to pick up again) his buckets of toys. It appears I was right!

I really enjoy the egg hunt the church hosts because they have plenty of eggs for all and make sure that there is a space for early childhood so that they can get their share of the fun without being trampled by the big kids. We had quite the happy little boy when all was said and done.  Happy Easter my friends! (Stay warm!) 🐰512011FC-2283-41D1-9880-65A2311C116F



I couldn’t have picked a better man for a father-in-law… Gary is wonderful. I first met him on a float trip the summer after I met Jason. I immediately knew he and I were going to get along great. He will come down for any reason at any time if I need something. He feeds the pets and checks the outdoor stove when Jason is gone so I don’t have to, he comes over when I call because I need help or even when a crazy couple is having the most hilarious (running after the truck because they’ve been booted to the street) fight on the road behind our house and I don’t want to be alone at home…  There is nothing he won’t do for me.

However, as much as Gary likes me, I think Jase has got his heart. The two of them together is just precious. Jase even knows enough that when he hears the sliding door in the evenings it’s “Ba-ba?!” They are already the best of friends and probably will be forever. In each other’s eyes they are the best thing on the planet. Gary is so good with Jase and even when he was a little thing Gary would get down on our floor to just lay and watch and then play with Jase. Now that Jase is older they do all sorts of things together. Just last week Jase wanted to go on a stroller ride—Gary took him on a 40 minute adventure all over our back property. He’ll push/pull Jase on whatever and whenever he wants. And Jase knows that if Mom says no (to playing in the dog water tubs), all he has to do is ask Papa! Truth is, I’m glad Gary is willing to be there for all of that so I don’t have to get soaked when Jase decides to go crazy with the splashing. I’m so lucky to have such an awesome guy in my life that loves my son and myself (and my own family!) like we’re his own.

Oma?? Dan-ba?? Ba-ba??

Those would be the names that Jase has down pat… When we wake up in the morning, when he’s avoiding something, when we’re in the car, when he doesn’t want to go to bed, any situation where he might get something better than mama he runs through the gamut of names of the people who spoil him rotten. His Oma, his Grandpa, and his PaPa. Every day. Any situation. Even today when we got home and I was taking him out of the car to go inside. He had to make sure that no one else was home that he might want. Sometimes he’ll throw Dada into the mix if he’s really trying to get out of something.

Whats worse is that he’s old enough now to start picking up patterns and habits. And if he can hear me on the phone he automatically asks if it’s “Oma??” (Which it is 99 percent of the time…) And when he does ask, it of course, sets his Oma’s heart a flutter. And most of the time when he’s asking for Grandpa he doesn’t always say his name, but will clack his tongue. Thank you father for teaching my child how to do that… Jase sure loves his Oma, Dan-ba, and Baba! (Probably because they fill him full of gummy bears and licorice…) lol

Battles for Middle Earth, Space Drama, Sorcery, and Sparkles, Too.

I love a good series and I love a good story. I’m a big fan of the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Twilight. (Also really into the Hunger Games, Divergent, Transformers, Marvel, DC Comics, etc..)

There are not a lot of guys that like/will watch all of the movie series I mentioned above. I managed to find one. (Go me!) Now, full disclosure, he hadn’t watched a single Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games before meeting me. But, he knows how much I love them and has put out some great effort to watch them all with me and will even turn one of them on if he sees it on our TV guide. He’s also kinda gotten hooked on a few of them too.

I’m just super glad that I was able to find another super nerd. I feel we are a rare breed and while there are lots of people that may like one or a few of those series I wrote out, there aren’t many (that I’ve found) that can get into all of them and geek out like I can. I appreciate that my husband loves/likes/tolerates my favorite movies. It makes marathoning through them so much easier!! 🙂 (heehee)

Easter Bunny

Holiday pictures with an infant were so easy.. Hand off baby, go make silly faces, get great photo. They get just a smidgen older and sitting on a bearded man’s lap is out of the question. Needless to say I was worried about the picture with the Easter Bunny.

When we arrived at the mall there was about a 20 minute wait for the bunny to come back. (I’m sure you can imagine how fun that was…) The bunny comes out. We talk about the bunny, we point out the fur, we ask if Jase wanted to pet the bunny. He did. He went right up to him, sat on his lap, pet the bunny, and was done. It was a miracle! Not to encroach on Jesus’s turf, but dare I say it was an Easter miracle?! Also, when the heck did this little boy show up?! Where did my baby go?!?

Happy Easter everybody!! 🙌🏼🐰F3E18F86-D778-4593-B1BD-2987B51305A5

Too Early

As most of my adoring fans (too much…?) know I live an hour away from work. It really isn’t too bad, and the drive is a good decompress/wake up time for me. Driving has never really bothered me. (Although I hate driving in the dark/at night.) What bites the big one, however, is that I have to get up sooooooo dang early. If I have any prayer of being on time I really need to be up and moving by 5:30 in the mornings. I’ve gotten pretty good as minimizing the time required for my morning routines and it’s a pretty well oiled machine most days. But there are days that I snooze my one too many alarms (see post from like three years ago…), and then fly in a panic to get outta the house on time. This is now a real talent because I have a small human that I must also wake, dress, and feed in the mornings. I’m sure people would be impressed with my efficiency…

On this first day back from Spring Break, 5:30 AM came too soon. I drank both cups of my coffee, a double shot Starbucks espresso (holla Secret Pal!!), and a can of Coke. The struggle was real. But I made it! Hallelujah! Except as I write this from my comfy bed I realize I have to do this “getting up early and being an adult”  thing all over again in less than 8 hours.

Life can be cruel. And adulthood is a trap.

The Art of the Deal

I like to think of myself as a savvy shopper. Unless there is something I absolutely have to have for something I will never pay full price for any article of clothing. I love sales! But there are times that even sales are not enough. There are several stores that I look over their “sale” items and only peruse the clearance racks. I live for the clearance racks. Especially once it was my own money I was having to use on clothes (sorry Mom and Dad…) I became a champion of the clearance. My biggest score to date would still be the 13 sweaters I purchased for $1.35 a piece at Old Navy. (Their clearance used to be more impressive. Now you have to catch them at the right times..)

I still love to hunt for deals. Today’s adventure found us at Kohls. (I LOVE the Kohl’s clearance racks!) Again, not quite what they used to be, but I can almost always find something amazing for next to nothing. After a ho-him experience in the juniors clearance section, and being told by my mother that I might be getting to old for that area (thanks Mom… ), i moves my search operation over to the women’s clearance. And then I let the world know what a disappointment it was. A bunch of grandma looking clothes, and when I did find something promising it was $12-25! Are you kidding me?! That’s not clearance people!!!! Ugh!!!! I did manage to find a few pieces, including a dress style that I loved (so I bought it in three colors), and a romper that my mom made snarky comments about then had to eat her words because it was ADORABLE.

Fast-forward to the check-out. I had 8 items, a 30% off coupon, a 10 dollars off for every 50 dollars spent, and 20 dollars in Kohl’s cash. (I also found a garment flaw which garnered me another 10% off that item’s price.) I was ready for battle.

The tags were scanned. The items bagged. I was again victorious. Total saved: $451 and change. Total spent: $35 and change. Boom-shaka-laka! I was so proud of myself. 🙂